Others Who Have Argued for GPM

Criticisms of MPG before June 2008

Clark Williams Derry at Sightline Daily posted herehere, and here.

Eric De Place at Sightline Daily posted here and here, noted by Andrew Sullivan.

Barry Nalebuff and Ian Ayres in Forbes (Why Not?), Dennis Simanaitis at Road and Track here (see halfway down)and hereAutomotive NewsBoston HeraldBen Garrido at Reno News & ReviewTony's Climate BlogHalfbakery,No, Dave, it's just you,

A CarTalk puzzler that illustrates the problem with MPG

Discussion of the MPG Illusion or GPM between June and November 2008

See this collection of links on my Research Highlights webpage.

Discussion of the MPG Illusion or GPM since December 2008

New York TimesAutobloggreen (and herehere, here, and here), New York Times - GreenwireGreen Car Reports here and hereChristian Science MonitorGood MagazineDetroit Free PressHarvard GazetteFelix Salmon-ReutersTreehuggerConsumerologyW&M Alumni MagazineClimate ProgressThe Street (AP)Next 100IEEE SpectrumMarty Padgett at the Car ConnectionHuffington PostCognitive DailyWattzonAfter GutenbergBMSeer,Driver SideFat KnowledgeNational Motorists AssociationHybrid Review here and hereWhipnoticScience in SocietyMetamodernMaster ResourceLemon LawsEarth2TechOvercoming BiasEnerBlogDistributor Cap NY,Will WilsonBusiness is PersonalMy Black BrickA Blue ViewMcKenna VWEnviroboysLoyalty Driver,